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Management see also: Business studies, Economics, Estate management, European business studies, Hospitality management, Leisure studies, Public administration, Recreation studies
Manufacturing Engineering see also: Production engineering
Marine Architecture see also: Naval architecture, Naval engineering
Marine Biology see also: Maritime studies
Marine Engineering
Maritime Studies
Marketing see also: Business studies
Materials Science see also: Chemistry, Engineering, Metallurgy
Materials Technology
Mechanical Engineering see also: Engineering (general)
Media Studies see also: Broadcasting, Communication studies, Film studies
Media Technology
Medical Engineering
Medical Imaging see also: Radiography
Medical Laboratory Science
Medical Microbiology see also: Microbiology
Medicinal Chemistry see also: Chemistry, Biomedical science, Biochemistry
Medicinal Physics see also: Physics
Medieval Studies see also: History
Mediterranean Studies see also: Archaeology
Metallurgy see also: Materials science
Meteorology see also: Geography
Microbiology see also: Bacteriology, Biochemistry, Biology, Genetics, Medical microbiology, Virology, Food microbiology
Microelectronics see also: Digital microelectronics, Electronics, Computer science
Middle Eastern Studies see also: Asian studies
Mineral Processing Technology see also: Geology, Mining
Mining see also: Exploration, Geology
Molecular Biology
Motor Sport Engineering
Movement Studies see also: Dance, Drama, Physical education
Multimedia see also: Interactive multimedia
Music see also: Film music, Popular music
Music Technology
Music Theatre see also: Music, Drama, Theatre studies
Music Therapy see also: Music

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Canterbury Christ Church University
Canterbury Christ Church University

Location: Canterbury

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Liverpool University

Location: Liverpool

Students: 21875

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