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Students with disabilities

In addition to all the usual considerations, students with disabilities need to know if the institutions have the facilities and support services they need. They should have – there are probably over 8000 students with disabilities at UK universities. A few have state-of-the-art facilities (eg libraries accessible to the partially-sighted).

Make direct contact with universities and colleges before completing your shortlist. Most have a special adviser or co-ordinator with whom you can discuss your needs for studying and daily living; and you will probably be able to arrange a fact-finding visit. Many can now provide or help organise specialist support services, eg readers, note-takers, transcription; and many have specialist accommodation available. Provision does vary, so always make individual enquiries. Make contact early; they may be able to improve their facilities in some way before you get there. If you cannot proceed with an application because the facilities are not suitable, you can ask UCAS to substitute an alternative choice.

You can get useful information and advice from Skill, at Disability Rights UK, www.disabilityalliance.org/skill or ring the free Disabled Students Helpline 0800 328 5050

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