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Going straight to the 2nd year

If you change course (or return to higher education after a break) you may be able to transfer credit to your new course for the work you have already completed − and so complete it in less time. You may also be able to get credit for what you have learnt in a related job. The jargon for this is APL or APEL - assessment of prior (experiential) learning.

You may be able to carry credit from one university to another, or from one course to another within the same university. You will need the help (and maybe the approval) of the course tutor from your first course, so make sure you keep him/her informed.

Some credit transfers are easier than others. It is usually automatic from an HND or Foundation Degree to a linked degree course; impossible from say the 1st year of a social science course to the 2nd year of a physics course. The overlap between two courses is not simple to assess and some admissions tutors can be reluctant to try. Their approaches can be very different so check direct with the university admissions staff.

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