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Making your Shortlist

Information to help you start making your own individual shortlist and things you need to consider.

Things to know about degrees

Information on different types of degree courses – how long they take, what letters you get after your name at the end etc.

Choosing a degree course

How to tell if the course is for you, will you get in, what will it cover.

Qualifying for a profession

How to find out about the professions.

Selecting a university

Different types of university, ways in which they differ and how to tell which will suit you.

Getting more details

How to find out more.

Entrance requirements

Lots of information on entrance requirements and offers.

Gap year

What to watch out for if you’re thinking of taking a year out.

Mature students

Information for those who will be 21 and over when they start their course.

Students with disabilities

Special considerations for students with disabilities.

Students with children

Extra points that you need to think about if you have children.

Going straight to the 2nd year

If you have done a course before, will you be able to start in the 2nd year.

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Canterbury Christ Church University

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Location: Liverpool

Students: 21875

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