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Once you have a place

When you have a place, you will have to adjust to it all becoming a reality at last. This means there will be dozens of things to do.

  • Start by accepting your place (check your Confirmation letter for instructions on any action you need to take)
  • Make sure of your accommodation
  • If you haven’t already got one, open a bank or building society account
  • Make sure your money is organised (loans, bursaries, scholarships – see Money matters).
  • And check your parents really are going to pay their whack (and how and when!)
  • Get lots of passport photos (essential for university ID in the first week of term)
  • Read the mass of administrative stuff the university will send you
  • Find your exam certificates (results slips will only be acceptable for the most recent exams)
  • Get an NHS exemption certificate if you think you will qualify for free prescriptions, dental charges etc
  • Get yourself vaccinated against meningitis (free from your GP or university health service)
  • Buy supplies of stationery, suitable clothes etc
  • Check whether you need to take bedding, cooking equipment etc in the accommodation you have
  • Do not let the gigantic reading list you will be sent put you into a cold panic
  • Sort out travel arrangements and make sure you get there when you need to
  • Arrange cash for the start of term.

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