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You can get lots of student discounts with your student ID. Locally, you can get reduced prices at shops, theatres, bookshops, cinemas etc; and you can get discounted newspapers, insurance, driving lessons and mobile phones nationally and on the internet. Your students’ union website may list the discounts they have negotiated or check with your SU office. To prove your student status, your university student card or NUS democracy card usually does the trick.

To get discounts overseas you need an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) − which also gives you free email and discounted international phone calls as well as some UK discounts. You can apply online (www.isiccard.com) or get it from your local STA travel office. You will need proof you are a full-time student, proof of age and a passport-size photo. It costs under £15 a year.

The NUS has some additional cards to get student discounts. You can also pay £11 a year for an NUS Extra card, which gives you a wide range of extra discounts − online and in shops. If you are an OU student or a sixth former, you can get an NUS Associate card, which gives some discounts. More information on the NUS website (www.nus.org.uk).

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