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Many students spend much of their time thinking about sex, but relatively little time actually doing it. For students living in close proximity to each other, often for the first time free from parental disapproval, the opportunity to experiment with sex can be irresistible. Stick to safe-sex; condoms are usually available in the SU, sometimes for free.

Staff–student sex

It happens. Both male and female students can be at risk, heterosexually or homosexually. It can be very ego-boosting (but not much more) to be ‘courted’ by an older, and apparently wiser, person. At its worst it is simply sexual harassment.

An affair with a tutor can lead to awkwardness, and more importantly from your point of view, it can increase pressure on you. And it can be very tacky if your tutor is your examiner. Permanent relationships have (very occasionally) been known but tread warily.

Some universities have codes of conduct to regulate staff-student sexual conduct. Others now require staff to report their sexual relationships with students (rather like the House of Commons Register of Members’ Interests, but more entertaining). If a member of staff is making unwelcome advances to you, talk to the SU or your student counsellor (unless he/she is the offending party).

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