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Safety & security

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Universities are very conscious about safety and security issues. Some run late-night buses (maybe for women students only), issue personal alarms and security leaflets; they may have security systems (eg smart cards) and 24-hour porters or security patrols. If these are not available at your university – well, start badgering. Start with the students’ union.

Keep out of any area that the SU says is a no-go area for students.

Check that you can get to and from your lectures/parties etc safely – that your accommodation is close to public transport, footpaths are well lit, you know which local routes are safe and which not.

Be sensible and follow local police guidance – usually not to walk around on your own late at night, stick to main roads where possible, don’t use your mobile in the street, don’t use cash machines at night, make sure your room/flat mates know where you are going and generally leave a trail.

There are some useful personal safety tips on the Suzy Lamplugh Trust website (www.suzylamplugh.org).

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