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Money management

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Money is a constant problem for students, so money management matters. Start with a sound budget (use our Course budget form), so you know you can manage, and keep your costs down.

You will probably have to borrow – first, obviously, taking out your student loan, then borrowing from banks and parents (or other sympathetic family members); maybe from credit cards but only if you’re desperate.

Most students will get a job to make ends meet – maybe in term time, almost certainly in the vacs. But the key to it is not to let your money get out of control.

Most universities try to help. The more forward-thinking run seminars on how to manage your money. Almost all try to help if your finances get out of hand – advice and, if you are lucky, money from hardship funds. Always tell someone at your university (eg student services office) about impending financial catastrophe before it occurs.

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