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Living at home

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More university students now choose to live at home – some because they prefer it, more often because it is cheaper.

It is worth checking how much rent your parent(s) will charge you and how much travel will cost. You may find that, financially, there is not much in it – especially when you take into account the lower student loan you will get if you live at home.

Practically it has its difficulties – most obviously because it can be harder to participate fully in student life; less obviously because it may make participation in academic studies more difficult and late night use of university libraries impossible (though you may have access to electronic resources from home).

If you are going to live at home, make sure you have established the ground rules from the start: you are a student on a degree course, not a superannuated sixth former. If you attend a university which has large numbers of students living at home, or where many students commute rather than live on campus, it should be relatively easy to fit into student life. Different considerations obviously apply to mature students with family constraints.

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