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Most universities have sophisticated ICT systems. The ICT service usually works closely with the library – often the two services are merged and operate together out of a learning resource centre. You will almost certainly have an induction to both services; don’t miss it. Be sure you can keep up – the university will communicate with you electronically and you don’t want to find a whole lot of stuff in week 4 that you should have known in week 1. Most universities run beginners’ courses for those that the electronic revolution has left behind – but you may be told electronically!

What’s on offer varies from university to university. Specifically, libraries may have information in the form of CD-Roms, databases, electronic journals, online services etc; tutors may have their own personal websites for communicating with students, or a website for a particular course, etc. At many universities, you can access the internet and university network from your student room or from home; at some smaller colleges, it still involves queuing up for the handful of PCs in the library. You will almost certainly be expected to use a computer to type up coursework (if you aren’t up to that, make the most of any beginners’ courses on offer). You can find out more of what’s on offer at each university in our university descriptions.

If at all possible, get yourself a computer of your own. The best solution is probably a notebook/laptop that you can take around with you so you can use the wifi and connection points that will be widely available. But a desktop is cheaper and should work fine; you shouldn’t need to move it more than twice a year. Even a 3- or 4-year-old machine will allow you to type up your essays – you can print them on the university computer with a memory stick. You may be able to hire a computer from the university or get technical and financial help when buying one. Some universities have deals which allow you to buy specific computers cheaply.

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