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Hardship funds

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Universities often have substantial funds to help students in financial difficulties – long term or short term.

If you are a UK student from a low-income family (if your family income is below about £25k pa), you will usually be entitled to a bursary from your university – though this may be linked to having high entry qualifications. This can often be about £500 but it may much more. Usually this will be assessed automatically along with your loan and grant entitlement but sometimes you need to apply for it. Individual universities may have other categories of student they will help eg local students coming through designated schools or colleges. Details can usually be found on the universities’ websites.

In addition, there is a lot of money which is available to students in financial difficulties but not automatically − you need to make a case to get it. This may be given as large or small handouts to students who can prove hardship, or as small loans to tide you over if your money is delayed. Each university has its own procedure. The best will be quick (to avoid financial catastrophe while they think about it) and rigorous (to weed out those who are just after a fast buck). The funds available at some universities are much higher than at others. Before you are considered for any financial help from your university, you will usually need to have applied for all the student loans to which you are entitled.

If you are running out of money, make sure you talk to someone in the university or SU student services office; they are not telepathic and you won’t get help unless you tell someone you’re in trouble.

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