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Dropping out & intermitting

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There are hundreds of reasons why students drop out. It may be shortage of cash or family pressure to do something else. They may fall ill − or fall in love. Perhaps they don’t like their course, their subject, the university or its location. Maybe they find that university was all a bit of a mistake in the first place or find they hate it even before the end of freshers’ week. Statistically those most likely to drop out are mature students, those without formal entry qualifications, students who got there through Clearing – and men.

From a financial standpoint, if you are going to drop out, do it early. The later you leave it, the larger the debts you will end up with (but no academic qualification to show for them). Your fifth term (of a nine-term course) is probably the final cut-off time; after that, you will probably be better off (financially) to stay on and get your degree.

Alternatively you can ‘intermit’ – take a year out from your course (to earn enough money or recover your motivation). Normally this is best done at the end of your second year at the latest.

If you are seriously thinking of dropping out or intermitting, make sure you talk to tutors and student advisers first.

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