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Changing courses

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Lots of students find that their chosen course, or subject, is not for them and change − but don’t take it for granted that you can.

If you are sure you know what you want to change to, act as soon as you can. The longer you leave it, the more difficult it can be. Your newly-chosen course may be completely full (or filling up fast) or you may have already missed too much teaching (so have to start from scratch the following year).

Most universities are sympathetic but the dodges are known − get on an under-subscribed course and then switch. Start by talking to your tutors; then you will need approval from both the course you are leaving and the one you are joining. The students’ union may be able to help.

Transferring from one university to another can be more difficult and an agreed procedure does not exist. Different course tutors will have different attitudes to giving credit for earlier study. And check out your loan position before you decide, particularly if your overall period of study will be longer when you transfer.

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