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Fees may be lower in 2013!

20th Jul 2011

Students without a university place this autumn, who are horrified at trebled fees in 2012, could benefit by taking a gap year. According to the regulator, market forces are expected to reduce tuition fees at some uni... More

Top universities hog top students

14th Jul 2011

More than half of students with top A-level grades go on to only a handful of universities. Of those students with top grades - at least two A-levels with grade A plus one with grade B - half went on to only... More

University mergers in Wales

14th Jul 2011

The number of Welsh universities could soon be cut from 11 to six. Lighton Andrews, the Welsh government Education Secretary, says he is minded to accept a recommendation from the Higher Education Funding Council... More

80% of Welsh universities to charge £9000

13th Jul 2011

Eight out of ten Welsh universities will be charging £9,000 pa for some or all courses from 2012. These are  Aberystwyth, Bangor, Cardiff, Glamorgan, Newport (£8250 on some courses), Swansea, Trinity Saint... More

Average tuition fees of £8393 approved

12th Jul 2011

The Office for Fair Access (OFFA) has approved average tuition fees of £8393 for English universities in 2012. Once fee waivers and other student support are taken into account, fewer than half of students are expect... More

Huge shortage of university places

7th Jul 2011

UCAS says that applications for undergraduate degree courses were the highest ever this year. 670,000 people applied for 479,000 places. With a shortfall of nearly 200,000 places, Clearing looks as if it will be very compe... More

Cut price degrees?

7th Jul 2011

The government is keen to promote price competition in higher education. It wants to allow 20,000 extra places at universities charging average tuition fees of below £7500 pa. It also wants to open up the university ... More

Fees to rise at Scottish universities

29th Jun 2011

Scottish universities will be able to charge tuition fees of up to £9000 pa to non-Scottish UK students. While Scottish students studying in Scotland pay no tuition fees, students from other parts of the UK will... More

What to expect for your money?

28th Jun 2011

The government is asttempting to help students get value for money. It's white paper on universities in England, published today, focuses on the student experience and how to publish comparable facts, course by course, so ... More

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