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Some universities to reduce their tuition fees

8th Nov 2011

27 universities and colleges are said to want to reduce their tuition fees for 2012. Just weeks before the UCAS application deadline, OFFA (the Office for Fair Access) has received applications from 27 universities an... More

Two teenagers challenge the legality of £9000 fees

2nd Nov 2011

Two 17-year olds have challenged the legality of the government's decision to let English universities almost treble their 2012 tuition fees. Callum Hurley and Katy Moore argue that this decision is in breach of their huma... More

Radical reform of university applications?

31st Oct 2011

UCAS has presented radical proposals which would mean that, if accepted, university applications from 2014 onwards would only be accepeted after A-level results had been published. Predicted results would not nee... More

Which university courses look hardest hit?

26th Oct 2011

The first UCAS figures in this year's application cycle show a 12% drop in UK applications, with women's applications falling twice as fast as men's. Courses hardest hit were in mass communication and documentation (d... More

Second degrees now needed for top jobs?

26th Oct 2011

Employers are increasingly looking for highly-qualified staff with a second degree - typically a  masters or doctorate - according to an LSE  study. Those with a second degree are typically paid 13% more than tho... More

University applications down by 9%

24th Oct 2011

University applications for 2012 are down by 9%. Although it's early days in the application cycle, the first official figures show a fall of 9% overall, after applications closed for Oxford, Cambridge and the medical and ... More

University of Wales brand name survives a near death

24th Oct 2011

The University of Wales has been effectively abolished, after a damning report on a visa scam in a London college offering its degrees. However, the university is at the start of a new beginning, says its new Vice Chancell... More

UCAS applications to be after Easter A-levels ?

15th Sep 2011

A radical shake-up of the university applications calendar has been proposed by the chief executive of UCAS, Mary Curnock Cook.  By 2016. A-levels would be taken at Easter and UCAS applications would be made after the... More

Is there a shortage of science graduates?

8th Sep 2011

A research report from Birmingham University challenges the assumption, widely held in government and industry, that there are too few science and engineering graduates. The research shows that only 46% of 2009 UK engineer... More

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