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Oxford University offering major bursaries

16th Dec 2011

Oxford University claims its bursary package for poor students is more generous than any other university's. Some no-strings bursaries for 2012 will be worth more than £22,000 over three years. A university spokewoma... More

Oxford admissions tutors easily suckered.

16th Dec 2011

The Head of Mansfield College Oxford, Baroness Kennedy QC, claims that some Oxford admissions tutors are too easily suckered by well-spoken applicants from independent schools. She also considers that students from upper-m... More

Teachers give students actual GCSE and A-level exam questions before the exams

15th Dec 2011

According to whistle-blowers, some teachers are giving their students the actual exam questions before they sit their GCSEs and A-levels. Teachers are said to cheat in this way because of the pressure to achieve high grade... More

Student Loans Company issues fraud warning

14th Dec 2011

Some customers of the Student Loans Company (SLC) have been identified by the company as being at risk of havin... More

Students funding themselves by prostitution and gambling

14th Dec 2011

How to fund your education? The National Union of Students  (NUS) claims that more students are turning to prostitution, gambling and taking part in medical experiments to fund their education. Apparently in support o... More

Thousands of A-level appeals

12th Dec 2011

Last summer's A-level grades saw a record number of demands from schools for scripts to be re-marked. Indeed over 12,000+ grades were altered. The exam regulator (Ofqual) says that nearly 2700 complaints were urgent, becau... More

New College Oxford to trademark its name

5th Dec 2011

New College, Oxford, which was founded over 600 years ago, is trying to get trademark protection for its own name. It is aiming to do this before the new New College of the Humanities, a private university, manages to... More

UK university applications down by 15%

28th Nov 2011

 UCAS reports that there have been 15% fewer applications by UK-born students than at this time last year. But Wendy Platt, Director General of the Russell Group of top universities, says it is too early to predict ho... More

Degree courses slashed

23rd Nov 2011

Large numbers of degree courses for 2012 entry have been slashed. Government-funding cuts and the new market in higher education have lead to over 5000 degree courses being cut by vice-chancellors. UCAS data sugg... More

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