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Getting a degree is still a good investment?

7th Mar 2012

Despite more than a third of recent graduates being in lower-skilled jobs, David Willettts, the universities minister, believes that a degree remains a good investment in the long term and is one of the best pathways to a ... More

Sutton Trust encouraging applications to US universities

28th Feb 2012

The Sutton Trust Summer Schools are being expanded to include one on applying to US universities. The Sutton Trust, which aims to help bright students from under-privileged homes, has funded 1000 students to attend summer ... More

University applications fall

23rd Feb 2012

Application figures from UCAS show a fall of 8.7% in UK applications. As of January this year, 462,507 UK students have applied for courses beginning this autumn, compared with 506,388 at this point last year.

Fees up, choice down

23rd Feb 2012

Research by the Universities and Colleges Union (UCU) shows a 27% drop in the number of UK degree courses over the last six years. Undergraduate courses decreased from 70,000 to 51,000 today while, at the same time, tuitio... More

London Met University fined nearly £6 million

17th Feb 2012

London Metropolitan University has been fined £5.9 million by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE). The fine has been imposed because the university over-recruited UK undergraduates this year. Thi... More

Well-heeled students helped

16th Feb 2012

Plans to penalise graduates who pay off their student loans early, and thus save interest payments, have been scrapped by David Cameron.

A good degree does not guarantee a job

14th Feb 2012

A good degree no longer guarantees a job – this is the conclusion of Ernst & Young, who are leading employers of graduates in their international accountancy and consultancy business. They have researched into th... More

University grade inflation?

13th Feb 2012

There has been a 50% increase in the percentage of students awarded a first or upper second degree at some universities over the last ten years. Coventry University, Chester University and Gloucestershire University have s... More

Mature students voting with their feet?

31st Jan 2012

UCAS information on English universities shows that applications from mature students are in decline. Mature students, defined as those who are over 21 when they start their course, seem to be voting with their feet. Quite... More

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