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Oxford University: Harris Manchester

Location: Oxford Show on Map


Undergraduates:51 men, 41 women
Postgraduates:19 men, 26 women
Teaching staff:Men: 10 fellows, 5 lecturers. Women: 5 fellows, 11 lecturers.


Founded:1786, in Manchester; moved to Oxford 1889. Women undergraduates first admitted 1907. Became part of the university in 1990 as college for mature students. Changed name in 1996 (from Manchester College).
Admission:Mature students (21 and over) only. Undergraduates not admitted for most science courses.
Largest field of study:Law; English; philosophy, politics & economics (PPE).


Library and information services:3 libraries: Tate (general); Carpenter (world religions); Old (books pre-1800); 40,000 volumes, 30 periodicals, 70 study places. Separate college IT service. Ratio 1:15 workstations to students. 2 computers with access to library, 6 to the internet. IT facilities open 24 hours/day; IT support from 1 full-time staff.


Eating arrangements:Breakfast, lunch and dinner in college dining hall each weekday; breakfast/brunch at weekends. 17 meals a week included in college bills.
Gate and guests hours:Students have 24-hour access.
Other college facilities:JCR bar
Accommodation:All first years who wish to live in college accommodation (90% of all students); no married accommodation available. 70 places available: full-board at £1485 per term (accommodation, heating and lighting, 17 meals a week). Students may live in privately-owned accommodation.


Term-time work:College allows term-time work, limit of 10 hours pw (10–15% believed to work). Some work available in college in kitchen, library, cleaning, occasional office work; night portering out of term-time.
Scholarships:Some scholarships available for those doing a second undergraduate degree.
Travel grants:Assistance with travel costs for those with field work as part of the course.
Financial help:£7000 own funds available.

Student view


One of Oxford’s smallest undergraduate colleges with a distinguished history dating back to the Warrington academy of 1786. It has occupied its present buildings since 1893, with new 1980s accommodation added. It’s Oxford’s only college for mature students; students are from a wide range of educational, professional and national backgrounds. Very friendly but with a commitment to high academic standards and tutors who understand the special skills and needs of mature students. In the heart of the city, near the famed Bodleian Library and almost as famed King’s Arms; close to many faculty libraries (essential) and to other colleges, concert halls and nightclubs. College accommodation is available for all first and final-year students as well as most other undergraduates in 16th century houses or 2 neo-classical buildings. All rooms have phone and high-speed internet connection; all buildings have kitchens. Also a dedicated TV room with video/DVD player and JCR with free tea, coffee, newspapers and (more amazingly) a free pool table. By evening it becomes the friendliest and one of the cheapest JCR bars in Oxford. The historic chapel (windows by William Morris and Burne-Jones) remains Oxford’s centre for Unitarian worship. Tate library is well-stocked (a good undergraduate library with a good study environment, including power and internet points for laptops); the Carpenter library is a distinguished archive. College has all the traditions of Oxford in a friendly and informal setting. The only requirements are the potential for high academic achievement and the energy for socialising as well. If you are over 21 and think you have what it takes to live and learn amongst the dreaming spires, then get in touch. It could change your life. For the better.


Housing: Most undergraduates in college. Eats: College food excellent (and students living in are committed to a number of college meals). Hassan’s mobile van in Broad Street cheap. Drink: Student-run JCR bar with extensions and competitive prices (Tetleys/Carlsberg); also cheap in Oxford Union bar. Close to Kings Arms and Turf Tavern. Nightlife: JCR parties, BBQs, bands, discos, pubs, theatre and concert trips, frequent expeditions to nearby clubs. In-college, choir, strong music tradition, wine society; also literary, law and history societies. Locals: Very friendly. Sports: Croquet lawn, pool table, gym, boat club. Men’s and women’s pool teams, college punt, croquet team. Financial help: University access funds. Jobs: JCR bar in term; cleaning, portering, and waiting in holidays. Best features: Small, friendly, intimate and conveniently placed. And worst: Wet weather; JCR TV sometimes disappears.

Past students

Joseph Priestley (discovered oxygen), John Dalton (chemist who split the atom), William Gaskell (playwright), James Martineau (philosopher), Josiah Wedgwood (of Wedgewood pottery), Sir Henry Tate (Tate & Lyle and Tate Gallery).

More info?

Contact JCR President 01865 270999.



Harris Manchester College


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