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Cambridge University: Lucy Cavendish

Location: Cambridge, East Anglia Show on Map


Undergraduates:159 women
Postgraduates:169 women
Teaching staff:Women: 32 fellows, 5 research fellows


Founded:1965 as a women's college
Admission:Mature (21 and over) women only. For undergraduate admissions, normally 2 or 3 A-levels, an access course, OU level 1 or above, or equivalent recognised qualifications as evidence of recent academic achievement. College written entrance tests and interviews. College also admits graduates. Supervisions may be by men and women.


Library and information services:Purpose-built college library (20,000 books, currently expanding). Ratio 1:10 workstations to students, access 24 hours/day; 20 points with access to library and internet (all student rooms connected). IT support from computer officer.


Eating arrangements:Lunches every day; evening meal 3 times a week; students are encouraged to bring guests. Cooking facilities for residents.
Other college facilities:Computer facilities, fine gardens, gym.
Accommodation:All students offered college accommodation (some ensuite): rents £84–£108 per week (most are £836−£1076 a term), plus food.


Term-time work: No term-time work permitted except in college bar, library, invigilation, etc.
Scholarships:Small supplementary awards.
Travel grants:Limited number of small grants for travel.
Financial help:Own funds available plus some supplementary funding from charitable foundations. All candidates given details of awards for which eligible.

Student view

Student view

Rodothea Amerikanou, Secretary of SU (graduate course in medicine)


What's it like as a place to live? Friendly, close to local amenities, quite, porters are very friendly and always willing to help!

How's the student accommodation? Undergraduate students are living in the onsite accommodation which is comprised of 5 main buildings which differ in what sort of rooms they offer (ensuite or shared bathroom; kitchen). In general they are in a good condition although some improvements are needed and for this reason the college has already started renovations. Offsite accommodation varies in terms of quality and price as it is mostly houses that are rented from landlords.

What's the student population like? Lucy Cavendish is a mature college for women (more than 21). That basically on its own dictates that there is no typical student in Lucy. Some of us are in their early twenties and others are middle-aged with a family. There are many non-British students here (German, American, Cypriot to name a few). Since most of us have done something before coming to study here we are not as competitive as other colleges and we have a more relaxed attitude to the challenges that a Cambridge degree presents.

How do students and locals get on? Well, Cambridge is student town .and most locals close to the city centre have something to do with the university.


What's it like as a place to study? The facilities are offered by the university thus the college focuses on providing a nice environment for studying. The library is a new building with space for everyone and an adequate supply of books and computers. Most of our supervisions are conducted here on site in special teaching rooms. The college actually offers many courses that other colleges don't e.g. Cambridge Graduate Course in Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Architecture.

What are the teaching staff like? Most of our supervisors (that are appointed by the college) are interested in teaching and have previous experience in it. Indeed some of our supervisors are well-known academics but that doesn't prevent them from being down friendly and supportive.


What are student societies like? The college is lacking the diversity of societies that other colleges have. Most of our societies are subject based and sports based. Not a lot of people are involved but that allows the opportunity for people that want to get involve to actually get their hands in a society.

What's a typical night out? There is a college bar that is open every day but most of the students go out in the city centre where there are many restaurants, pubs, bars and a few nightclubs.

And how much does it cost? Cambridge is somewhat expensive but you can always pop in a college bar which cuts the costs for drinks.

How can you get home safely? Cambridge is generally a safe town, although the college is about 5 minutes away from the centre, hidden away after a main road. This means that the way home is well lit (although there have been some insults in Northwest Cambridge).


Is it an expensive place to live? If you know how to handle your money you definitely won't have to starve! The loan is adequate (remember that a typical Cambridge term lasts for 8 weeks) and there are many options to choose from when going out that will suit your budget.

Average price of a pint? £2.50.

And the price of a takeaway? £5 pounds.

What's the part-time work situation? The university doesn't like students to be working especially during term time, and it is pretty impossible to find time for work. However, the short terms and the long summer holidays mean that you can get a job then which will run for a decent amount of time.


What's the best feature about the place? Full of friendly people including the academics. There is no high table in contrast to other colleges.

And the worst? Sometimes can get too quiet

And to sum it all up? The college is beautiful with a big back garden and smiley faces.




Lucy Cavendish College
Lady Margeret Road


01223 330 280







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